Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Through the years we have seen families impacted by the loss of a pet, with no clear or dignified options on honoring what they meant to them.
That’s why we decided to start Fur-Ever Loved Pet Services to provide dignified and caring services for pet companions.
You can count on our expertise to help your family create a meaningful goodbye to someone that made such a difference in your life.

Services Included for Every Family:

  • Private Pet Cremation
  • Cremated remains returned in a timely manner
  • Nose and Paw ink print
  • Certificate of Cremation

Additional Services we Offer:

  • Private, family-only or community viewing
  • Intimate room for your pet’s services
  • Pet memorial services with many options to meet your needs
  • Memorialization options for your home, home garden or other special places, to honor the memory of your pet
  • Large selection of pet memorial products including urns, and jewelry.
  • Fur clipping
  • Clay Paw print

With our expert oversight to the entire process, we can ensure that your pet’s cremated remains will be available treated with dignity and respect. 

With our state of the art facility you can have the peace of mind knowing each pet is cremated individually and honorably. We will care for your companion pet with the same reverence as we would treat any other member of your family.

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Buddy gave us so much. When the time came, we knew they would take good care of him.
Betty J.
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