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Veterinarians can rely on our expertise to ensure a dignified and caring process. 
We operate in a compassionate, ethical manner while always keeping our integrity at the forefront. 
If you’re a veterinarian or other employee of a veterinary hospital seeking pet cremation services, we invite you to come tour our facility to learn more about us and the cremation process.
Open Door Policy : We invite tours of our state of the art, new facility designed exclusively for pet families.
Private Cremation: Each pet is cremated privately in our new cremation center, it is unlike any other in the area.
Communal Cremation: When requested communal cremations follow a strict ID tag process, which ensures all remains are clearly separated for return.
Professional: Our staff is highly trained and knows how to operate with respect to families and in your offices. With our extensive history of service to families, you can rest assured all services and interactions are conducted in a professional manner.
Merchandise: We offer a wide range of merchandise and can accommodate a selection that works for you and the families.
Call today to schedule a tour or stop by at anytime.
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Buddy gave us so much. When the time came, we knew they would take good care of him.
Betty J.
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